Once upon a time, far far away…


It all started when the founders of Platonnor worked on research and development for 13 years at the University of Bergen and contributed to ground breaking solutions for data capture related to international research, monitoring and evaluation. This experience resulted in deep knowledge related to complex issues within topics such as offline data capture and storage, synchronizing data and versioning, in addition to device management. Platonnor was established in 2014 as a registered Norwegian company based in Ålesund with branch offices in Bergen and Kristiansand.

The company name Platonnor originates from the ancient amharic language and means “a historic recording of an event”. The name relates to the product Platonnor, that is a tool that helps companies collect and keep records of their business critical information, data and events.

The vision of Platonnor is to enable companies and workers to transform their own work processes into a fully digital format to increase the businesses competitiveness and improve the daily life of workers around the world.

“We support our customers getting better and more accurate data, more efficient work processes, digitalization of data and saved time and cost”